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Guest Skating Regulations for Summerside Skating Club
What is a Guest Skater?
A guest skater is someone who pays to skate on an ice time that they are not registered to skate on.  eg.  If you are registered to skate on Monday and Saturday, you could ask to “guest skate” on the Wednesday ice time.  Guest skaters need permission to skate, and must pay a fee prior to going on the ice.
Please read the following FAQ’s for rules and regulations:
1.  Do I need permission prior to coming to guest skate?  A:  Yes, you must ask a Board Member for permission at least one day in advance.   Depending on the circumstances, you may not always be granted permission.  Eg. you may not be granted permission if a test day is coming up and numbers are high on that day.  Registered skaters have priority.
2.  Should I let my coach know I am coming?  A:  You will need to notify your coach.  Do not assume your coach will be able to provide you with lessons on a day that is not your scheduled day.  Members from another Club are unable to receive lessons from Club coaches.
3.  What is the fee to guest skate?   A:  A Summerside Club member must pay a $10 fee to guest skate.  A member from another club must pay $15 to guest skate.  Fees must be paid to a Board Member prior to entering the ice.
4.  Can I just switch my day from Monday to Wednesday if I can’t come to my regular Monday time?   A:  No, if you are registered to skate on Monday, and you cannot make it, you are still required to notify a Board member and pay a guest skating fee if you wish to skate on Wednesday as that is not your regular day.  The only exemption would be if your coach asked you to switch days for a good reason, eg. to use the harness.  If a coach asks you to come on an additional day to your regular skating day you will be required to pay the guest skating fee.
5.  Will I be able to have my music played on a day that I am guest skating?  A:  If there is time or if you are having a lesson, you may have your music played.  However, registered skaters will have priority.
Thank you,
SFC Board Members:  Amanda Gaudet, Kathy Gillis, Angela Hynes, Cassie Mosher Gallant, Patty Acorn